Art Coaching


Art coaching 181x300


Do you want to know the chronology of periods, trends, and movements in art?

Do you want to know the major figures, who announce a new reality in art?

How to differentiate the so-called "contemporary" Art from the totality of artistic productions?

Criteria difficult to look for solely in the content of works. In their forms, in their compositions, in the use of different materials, or in their belonging to a movement classified, or not, of the avant-garde. What are the art regimes? How are prices developed?

What is the cultural field, where are the aesthetic assessments, and the social recognition?

A real individual coaching for better knowledge of the basics of "Modern Art", and "Avant-Garde". A formation based on the history of classical art, which will enable you to decipher an extraordinary emotional and intellectual richness of contemporary art, and perhaps to find its passion.

The courses are accompanied by visual documentation, and a reading list to consult.

Duration of a course 1h30 at the price of 60 euros.

For a solid training 10 courses are desired.