Master Class


More than 11 years of art education, including 6 years of Art and Industry State Academy appointed after Stieglitz, 20 years of teaching at the School of Municipal Art Valeris (France) ), As well as more than 30 years of artistic practice, allowed me to create a special artistic and educational program.

It is based on

Each and every one of us knows how to draw, but not everyone knows.
Plastic code as a tool for the formal implementation of a work of art.
Basics of creativity and the role of the modern artist.
Three modules, which I offer you, will give you a set of basic knowledge required by each artist for the realization of a work of art. You will get skills "Art eye and see," master of the grammar of visual practices, follow how and by what mechanisms developed and continues to develop art. Within 45 hours, you will learn to be autonomous in the choice and implementation of your creative projects. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, these master classes will be condensed let you master the art of the letter, as well as reflect on the role of the artist. And your daily individual work can allow you to find a place in creative expression.

1 See. There is nothing more natural. But the sight does not necessarily mean to see. This module will allow all to understand the meaningful look mechanism, and, quite naturally, will teach you to draw from life.

To know. Knowledge of laws and methods of composition, color characteristics, genres and styles help you in the realization of an artistic project. Know the rules of the game, you will be able to play creatively, as the artists of the modern avant-garde and.

3 To imagine and create. The imagination of gift or stimulate. The place and role of the artist in society. The gathering of the "new house of the old bricks. "